Designed for maximum comfort and desired response, Tom Howe’s custom bits are hand-made from blued steel with mouthpieces constructed from sweet iron with copper inlays, rollers, etc.

Tom manually bends, welds and polishes each piece for safety, style, comfort and response.

He co-ordinates designs with owners and trainers, and invites their input, hand manufacturing bits for special applications and  training circumstances. 

Top trainers all over North America use his bits for  performance success in the show ring, the round pen, cross country and  pleasure riding.

Clients from across North America include:

  • Fred Goslin - Goslin's Training Center, Magnolia, Texas, USA
  • Lee Mancini - Mancini Training Center, Howell, Michigan, USA
  • Chris Culbreth -  Culbreth Training Center, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Peter Cameron - World Renowned Horse Show Judge, Canada
  • Dale Brown - Performance Horses, Dublin, Georgia, USA
  • Rick Fleetwood - Fleetwood Quarter Horses, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada