Designed, hand-cut and polished from start to finish, Tom’s buckles are heirloom quality pieces.  Tom works in sterling silver, silver overlay, 10 and 14 carat gold, brass and 3D gold and silver castings. 

Inlays are precious stones, semi-precious stones, jewels, paste jewels or reset gems from rings, necklaces, bracelets, charms in order to remake or renew old favourites. 

All Tom's buckles are hand-engraved with beveled, smooth, beaded or rope edges, custom scripts or block lettering.  Your design is not cut until you are totally satisfied with the design of your piece.

3-piece buckle sets are timeless, extremely fashionable and popular from the ranch to the boardroom.  Men's, women's and children's styles are available. 

Prices vary according to style, size, add-ons, materials and embellishments. 

Quotes are good for thirty (30) days from original sign-off.