Tom's hand-made spurs provide optimal fit while incorporating personal and training style into the designs. 

Heel bands are made from blued steel with a band width of 1 1/4 inches, shaped to the client's heel. 

Rowels are selected for beauty and style as well as for the desired response. 

These are of outstanding design, and besides being reliable training aids, rowels can be laser cut with embellishments including engraved silver. 

Heel bands accommodate personalized logos or brands, rowels, lettering and spur straps.

Tom's uses a hot blued production process as opposed to a cold blued process, resulting in a  deeper, richer colour and a longer-lasting finish. 

Antique brown patina is available as an alternate , created by hand along similar lines prior to the finishing details. 

Spur designs are available for men, women and children.

Gift certificates make the gift of custom spurs a popular item for  awards or special occasions and are a personal statement of style as well as purpose.

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